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Over the next 20 years, demand for
water is set to increase substantially.

What is The Water Calculator?

As world governments seek greater efficiency for water use, the water calculator has been developed by the European Bathroom Industry.

A methodology tool that helps you to identify whole building water use per person per day.

The water calculator allows you to calculate 125 litres pppd, 110 litres pppd or your own defined level.

The calculator has the flexibility for you to register, save and return or calculate, print and delete – the choice is yours.

How does water efficiency affect me?

Increasing population with ever increasing needs to use more water in the home is placing untold burden on water supply – it’s simple – reduction of water wastage is more important today than ever before; we must be mindful and only use what we need to. The Unified Water Label, a voluntary industry led scheme provides a ‘tool’ to aid in the comparison and selection process for water using products, which also improves the knowledge on how much water we use.

Today – everybody needs to play a greater role in ensuring water supply is maintained for tomorrow’s generations.

Learn about Example Specifications

The Water Efficient Product Labeling Scheme is a comprehensive and extensive database of water efficient products and is a good place to start looking for products for a water-efficient home.

Strategies for meeting water consumption targets can be broadly divided into fittings-based and recycling-based strategies. Fittings-based strategies rely on smart specification of efficient fittings and may add to the cost of a new home, but how much will largely depend on which fittings are chosen (CLG estimates £125 for a home meeting CSH Level 3 or 4).